Our Products

Amsoil is the leader in synthetic lubrication and has over 35 years of experience. We have found through our testing that Amsoil outperforms all other synthetic and mineral based oils. From additives, to motor oil, brake fluids to filters, we have a wide range of products to keep your vehicle in prime working order.About UsCheck it Out

Our Services

We provide testing of lubricants in almost all applications. We can provide you with the tools you need to make sure your car is running at its optimum performance level. We can also help with maintenance issues. Wondering if your car is doing what it should? Worried about pre-mature wear? We can help you find those answers in:
  • Racing
  • Everyday Conditions
  • Trucking & Farming
  • Maintenance & Small Engines
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About Us

Canada Synthetics was launched in late 2008 to perform testing with synthetic oils in various conditions.

We have concluded that synthetic lubricants are far superior to mineral based petroleum oils and throughout this site, we will show you actual data to back this up.

We have a variety of projects and various data collection systems to provide you, the user, with the proper information needed to optimize your vehicles performance.


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